The lollipop guy didn’t find me

Well I took the lollipop Facebook test tonight and watched as he didn’t find all that much, or a location for me. Don’t know where he was driving to then at the end of the clip.

I really can’t stand ‘friendface’ (as one of my favourite shows calls it) and only set up an account to follow posts at a school and complete a uni assignment, so all that shows really is a ‘name’, some really random posts, and 2 friends from the assignment who I’m sure use Facebook more than me anyway. I do however use other social networking sites professionally, which I’m sure are just as prone to revealing information about who we are, what we do, where we live, etc.

Unfortunately the reality is that no matter what you might do to keep your privacy, there really is no such thing with online social media. Eventually you will build a presence from being mentioned or tagged in friends posts which you cannot control, give away confidential information and history as connected apps are granted access to make our lives easier, or play that new game, and get located with exif data from photos and videos. Even this blog gives away information about me to anyone with internet access.

Increasingly it is also becoming harder to not be connected to friends or colleagues through social media, or have an online presence, but it should’t be an unreasonable expectation to limit who sees what you post or share online, and how that information is then used.


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