Sharing some theory ideas from my PLN

Just wanted to blog and share some thoughts from two of the people I follow in my daily readings through Feedly.

First is dy/dan and real work vs real world for engaging students. I generally try and make content ‘real world’ so there is a connection to the world and life after school, but was challenged to consider if what I ask of students is ‘real work’ or just abstract. Is what they do in class and for assessments of real value to them and their community, can it be used to make life better for someone, or provide solutions to real challenges.

Second is Seth Godin and ‘The wasteful fraud of sorting for youth meritocracy‘. I often feel aggravated to see students chosen for how good they are at the activity, while others who try hard miss out on the same opportunities. Talented students don’t deserve to miss out either, but we can and should aim to develop all students by celebrating positive attitudes and effort, and provide opportunities that encourages lifelong learning and participation.


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