Well here is my certificate from completing the connect.ed online course and some thoughts on the modules.

Module 1 – The simulation responses were about what I expected but I had hoped to have some more options to influence the outcomes. There were times I wanted to add a comment or reply that I felt a student might make. Otherwise it was a good reflection of the pressure young people face, with multiple conversations going on all around them, inferring meaning and context from short or vague messages, or trying to keep everybody happy with them.

Module 2 – Some great ideas here modelling behaviours and attitudes to stand up against bullying and any messages students might find offensive or objectionable. It is really important to empower each other and encourage collective positivity.

Module 3 – Schools and communities have a huge responsibility to model and support appropriate and positive use of ICTs, through a planned and integrated way. Values and expectations need to be communicated clearly and supported to encourage student buy in.

Module 4 – Some good points in the last module to integrate learning experiences into units or work or lessons that promote appropriate use of ICTs and for relationships in general. We need to do more than just give the tools and rules.

Albeit a little dated, the message is definitley still relevant and necessary.

PD Certificate Connect.ed


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