Examples and Inspiration found for learning experiences – Weekly Activity

Quick summary of some of the items found this week that interest/inspire my thoughts for learning experiences:

1. Pinterest

I signed up for this some time back but never really got into using it, however after subscribing to some boards and adding some pins myself I have started to collate some great resources. Is a bit like evernote for me but much more visual and easy to see what your looking for.

2. Using Bubbl.us in Dance for HPE – Katrina’s blog

Not something I would have immediately connected with Dance but I like the idea, and would be keen to see how students used it.

3. Flexible Learning – via Sandra’s blog

Definitely easier to achieve with ICTs giving students the tools and scope to create deep and meaningful connections to their lives and interests.

4. Khan Academy

While there was positives and negatives raised in the learning path, I use it personally, and would use Khan Academy with my students. No, it does not replace a great teacher but it does give students an opportunity to hear/see things taught in a different way, consolidate their learning of a particular topic, pre-read or review material, and inspire and track their ongoing learning across all learning areas.


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