Using Widbook.

Widbook is a free online tool to create individual or collaborative ebooks. There are other ebook tools available but this one is free and allows users to collaborate with others, and thus could set tasks for group work. The books can incorporate images and video also making them more appealing.

See their intro video also: About Widbook

Students could use the tool to author assessment books, learning journals, or co-author a book for part of a group assignment. These books could be published, shared, or kept as a library of past learning to revisit or reflect on in the future. In HPE for example students could create their own ebook to summarise their learning of a body system, or physical activity, with videos of they performances, animations, etc..

Teachers could join the students ebook and mark up a draft, mark as an assignment submission, collaborate and add content. The whole class could also create an ebook for each topic as a resource for linking to future learning. This tool would allow students to summarise the content, and add media, that assists them individually to understand and apply skills and knowledge rather than keeping the teachers handouts. In this way a personal resource is created that is meaningful and authentic for each student.


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