Tools for student’s to demonstrate their learning

Just reading a post from regie1973 about ICT’s helping an autistic girl to communicate which was really fascinating. “Take time to know me before you judge me” – Wow!

Got me thinking about how ICT’s can enable our students to demonstrate their learning in ways that express their unique personalities or talents, or overcome significant learning challenges:

– the artistic student that could design a weblet to present their research findings,

– the shy student who may want to do an oral report with animated characters in a video,

– the visual student who summarises their calculations or results in animated gifs over a table of values,

– the ESL student who can translate work between languages to develop their english language further, but more importantly to fully demonstrate their abilities without being limited by language challenges,

– the student away from school for extended periods in hospital who could take part in class learning activities through Skype or chat,

– the student who could …..


One thought on “Tools for student’s to demonstrate their learning”

  1. Glad you posted this as it is exactly what we are looking at in ICTs. As you listed there are many and others not yet discussed that all are assets to student learning if we can use technology to increase their eagerness to be lifelong learners because their learning style and ways of expression are recognised then the only way forward is bound to be successful.


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