Engaging with ICT’s in teaching

Looking back at my use of ICT’s on prac teaching, provides a good baseline for reflection on the level at which I engage with ICT’s, what excites and challenges me about integrating ICT’s, and what I hope to gain from this ICT and Pedagogy course (EDC3100) I am currently studying.

I try to use ICT’s for everything on pracs – research, planning, teaching, reflection, and sharing. I feel I am a very confident and competent user, controlling theory presentations on the projector with my iPhone so I can move around the room encouraging and responding to students, or designing or sharing interactive activities to connect theory to practice.

What excites me the most is that there are so many different ways to integrate a vast array of ICT’s into my teaching and my student’s learning each and every day. It’s not just the cool gadgets and fancy apps though. Many current ICT’s allow us to utilise and integrate the latest in learning theory, student development research, and best teaching practice.

I was reading a blog this week from fellow student Kyla on stages of development with ICT’s, which echoed some of the challenges I see in ICT’s in education.

Firstly the use of ICT’s cannot be just confined to just another way of presenting information, but needs to truly and fully support and enhance student learning. Teaching and learning can be so much richer for example, by using ICT’s that allow teachers and students to construct knowledge together and add artefacts as they progress, as opposed to reading off a powerpoint presentation, and then taking written notes. What I want from this EDC3100 course is a deeper understanding of how ICT’s can underpin and strengthen my pedagogical practice, and truly enrich the learning experience for my students.

The other challenge I struggle with is the belief that all of our students are inherintly comfortable and avid users of ICT’s. In a lot of cases this does not ring true. On my last prac for example, I needed to spend a considerable amount of time just teaching year 10 students how to attach documents and send emails – through their school email account! The discussion about emails versus social messaging aside, what this highlights to me is that we cannot assume that any young person will know how to use all ICT’s. I am hoping that extending my personal learning network through EDC3100, will provide valuable opportunities to share classroom experiences, and integrate ICT’s more effectively with students.


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