T-E-S-T – a framework that describes the way I problem solve :-)

As an example for this weeks activity, I thought I would share some of the decision making process, and solutions I have used for selecting ICT’s for my Uni work as it aligns with the TEST framework.


  • managing the information for each course, taking efficient notes, and keeping interesting and useful snippets for later.


  • course study desk
  • mix of studying online and on-campus courses
  • my mac laptop, iPad, and iPhone and want to be able to use any of these for everything


  • an experienced ICT user, and manage an IT environment for an architectural practice
  • get to play with plenty of different solutions, and used to trialling and testing different tools to see which suit the ‘task’ and ‘environment’ best

Tools: (the combination I currently use). I have trialled many others but these integrate well together, are not overly complex, and do what I need.

Google Drive

  • able to save everything locally on each device or access via web browser, and is searchable
  • set up folders/directories for each course and sub-directories for each week
  • keeps everything synchronised and backed up
  • have multiple accounts so use ‘Insync‘ on the mac to manage them all concurrently
  • dropbox was also a good option but I chose to use my uni google drive because I can edit docs with it, and it can automatically convert most files to pdf for me on the fly

Notability (on iPhone and iPad)

  • probably my most favourite app (for now at least)
  • use it to annotate lecture notes, assessments, forms – pretty much anything and everything!
  • imports from dropbox, google drive etc…
  • as mentioned can import most file types via google drive which converts them to pdf’s for notability
  • can save back to google drive when marked up, or share via email or social media etc
  • on the Mac ‘Preview’ works almost as well


  • similar to notability but for images
  • integrates with Evernote


  • my place to keep everything I want ready access to, or think I might use in the future
  • stores documents, videos, images, scans, etc
  • works across all devices or can access from a web browser
  • can clip text, articles, images or pdf’s in a browser to a notebook
  • easy to assign tags, group notes in notebooks, share with others or annotate (with premium version)

Anyone use any others?

Windows or Android?


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