Reflecting on Assumptions

So part of the learning this week asks to critically reflect on a theory used in the past. Probably the most recent was using Multiple Intelligences to create lesson plans on prac experience. At the time my understanding of the theory and it’s application, was to implement a lesson that would be engaging for every student, because there was some part(s) that best suited their learning needs.

While this could in fact have merit it would mean that over the whole lesson, there is potentially only a small component that may be engaging for an individual student. The alternative viewpoint is that good lessons will come from the basis of the student’s interests and characteristics, and utilising different learning styles, serves to keep tasks and learning dynamic, interesting, and most importantly, engaging all students through a variety of different learning styles.

Open for comments, and will be seeking to analyse and reflect on this further on the next prac.


Stimulus – Deconstructing the myth of learning styles×2543.jpg?w=1600&h=5220


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on Assumptions”

  1. Hi Craig, multiple intelligence’s never sat well with me, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it, although I’m sure it works great for some. I do however use elements of productive pedagogies a lot on prac. There is way too much detail to be able to meet all elements all the time (in my opinion) but the idea of creating authentic learning experiences which require higher-order thinking skills tends to always see a greater level of engagement from my experience. I love the book by Eric Frangenheim that we got for EDS2401, it is like a bible to me 🙂


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