EDC3100 Introduction

craigljorgensen edc3100 intro


2 thoughts on “EDC3100 Introduction”

  1. Wow Craig, I love your picture. I have to admit I am finding this subject very overwhelming however I am learning so much. I would not know where to start when creating something like that 🙂


    1. Hi and thanks for the comment Rachael – it did take some time to put together as I had never used that web tool before. (see: easel.ly). I tend to search and skim lots until something catches my eye, then go through some examples and templates to see how they work.

      I use ICT’s pretty much all day every day for work, study, and play but wanted to stretch and use some unfamiliar and novel tools in this course.

      For me, and I think everyone, edc3100 provides a great opportunity to to this, and try some new things, experiment, and get feedback from our peers and the course team that we can put into practice.

      All the best for the course, looking forward to reading your blogs!

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